Besides be very self conscious and unsure of myself the entire time, which is, of course, a given.
  1. Walked down Abbot Kinney and tried to get my bearings. Saw a couple murals.
  2. Walked to Venice Beach behind a very Midwest seeming couple (possibly on their honeymoon? They were dead set on holding hands at all costs) Very sensible cargo/activewear shorts and socks with sandals.
  3. Became overwhelmed by the boardwalk pretty quickly, watched the skate park for a bit, then walked along the water until I got to Santa Monica Pier.
  4. I debated for maybe 2 minutes if I should do this. Best $6 of the trip and perhaps my life.
  5. Saw Sully at the AMC at the Third Street Promenade. It's a good movie, but then you kinda realize that you went into the movie thinking Sully was great, see him angst for a few days, and then ultimately be reassured that he was, in fact, great.
  6. Had a very poor experience with my first time staying in an Airbnb. Could not find the place, the host was unhelpful and not home, and the guy I was sharing a room with was dead asleep when I got there at 8pm with a full volume documentary playing on his laptop.
    It was narrated by Martin Sheen, so at first I got excited and thought it was West Wing, but it turned out to be this gross tirade on how awful it is that China makes all our products.
  7. Woke up the guy after 20 minutes of inner turmoil and asked him to turn it off. He did and immediately fell back asleep.
  8. Realized I was super sunburned and coming down with a cold. Was so disenchanted with the Airbnb and being sick that I booked a hotel for the next night.
  9. DAY 2
  10. Booked it out of the Airbnb in the morning and walked to find a Walgreens and Starbucks, where I got cold meds and breakfast.
  11. Realized I could make a 10:45 showing of Light Between Oceans at the Grove and took at $17 Uber pool there.
    Shared the ride with a makeup artist who worked at Fred Segal and had helped Usher pick out cologne the day before. This felt very LA.
  12. The movie was good but honestly my main takeaway is OMG HOW BEAUTIFUL IS ALICIA VIKANDER.
  13. Walked around The Grove and got lunch at the Farmers Market and then Ubered to my Comfort Inn.
  14. First time staying in a hotel by myself! It was fine but I had a king bed and I missed my dog sleeping with me. Kept Food Network on to keep me company.
    Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition is a very strange show.
  15. I saw Tour de Compadres at the Greek Theatre! This was the whole reason for the trip and was entirely worth it.
    It was Mat Kearney and NEEDTOBREATHE. So good!!
  16. DAY 3
  17. On Sunday I checked out at 11 and went on my Dallas Clayton mural hunt!
  18. This one is at Dangerbird Records
  19. And this one is in Silver Lake
  20. I have 2 Dallas Clayton tattoos, so getting to see his work in person was awesome!
  21. Then I went to Hollywood. It was gross but I felt like I had to go. I did go to The Museum of Broken Relationships though, after seeing it in one of @bjnovak lists!
  22. This one and the silicone breast implant one were my favorites.
  23. I took an Uber to LACMA and the driver and I bonded on a very spiritual level and were talking about healing and our therapy and what we've learned since our traumas. He had also lived in DC for a couple years, so we connected knowing a lot of the same places.
  24. LACMA was another place I felt like I had to go, but honestly I had hit a wall by that point and left after getting lunch in the cafe.
  25. I then spent 8 hours at LAX, which you can read about in my previous list!!