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  1. Charlie Kelly
  2. George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon
  3. Jax Teller
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cause you know why not
  1. Cocaine is conveniently stored under your seat
  2. Used condoms are stored overhead if you want them for some reason
  3. People with 80s air will be thrown overboard
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  1. "Me" -Kanye
  2. "Weed" -Wiz Khalifa
  3. "It Doesn't" -B.O.B.
Inspired by @boygirlparty
  1. poor guy
  2. oh Aaron
  3. he's fed up
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  1. This
  2. This
  3. And this
  4. Also this
  1. If you don't have time for a bath simply wrap yourself in masking tape and peel the dirt off.
  2. If you have a stutter refrain from saying the word ghost because people will think there's one behind them.
  3. When in an elevator repeatedly push the button to make it go faster.
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