Camera Guy Set Carry List

So I shoot a lot. Actually it pays my bills. So here's a list of stuff to bring to set - doesn't include cameras or lighting. That will be a different list soon
  1. HD 7" monitor. (Currently a high bright Small HD 702)
    So many times I show up and the camera doesn't have or has a crappy monitor. This solves that issue
  2. Mini cardellini
    Yep it gets used
  3. Light meter.
    This used to be first on my list but... ....Digital. Need I say more. I still use my meter when I can and always on movies
  4. Bolt kit.
    Various small camera bolts and mounting hardware. Helps when your missing that one piece and you shooting out in the Salt lake beds or wherever
  5. Hat.
    Full brim is best but baseball cap can serve in a pinch
  6. Sunscreen Chapstick hand wipes
    All super useful when crafty is a mile away
  7. Hydro Flask Water bottle
    I have become super fond of double insulated bottles. Keeps it cold or warm and I can refill it Rather than adding to plastic waste and half drunk bottles on set.
  8. 2 pairs of shoes
    So good to change at lunch. I usually go for sneakers and a hiking boot
  9. Extra clothes
    Specifically t shirt. Pullover lightweight jacket and a waterproof coat. This covers my bases and I don't have to think about it
  10. Backpack
    Contains clothes and some accessories. It's preset for grab and go but I check it after each shoot if I used it
  11. Roller and/or lacrosse balls
    So you stand all day on set . 12 hours - no joke It's nice to take 5 minutes and roll out or hit a sore spot. Keeps me in the mode for my exercise program where I stretch and roll out every day I'm not working.