So I wanted to make a list to remind me what is really good in my life. We all get caught up in the daily grind and sometimes lose track of what's what.
  1. The sun on my face in the mornings as I walk my dog
  2. My Dog "Cow".
    She was a rescue pit bull and guess what, I think she rescued me. It's amazing the love you can have for an animal
  3. My health. This is so important it should be first.
    My mom passed suddenly with a stroke and since then I don't take a day for granted. We only have a small amount of time here and being heathy to enjoy it is everything
  4. My family.
    I know it's typical but the love you have for family is so important and I am grateful for my children my siblings and my father and am grateful that we get along and find moments of happiness and connection
  5. Learning and creativity
    These things are key to life happiness for me. I have been fortunate to make my living in the creative field and realize that the best creativity comes from stretching myself to try and learn new things.
  6. My skills
    While I have taken years to develop them I am grateful because it gives me both a living and happiness
  7. My partner
    I wasn't looking I fall I love again but I found someone who has grown so strong in my heart that I am amazed every day we are together
  8. America
    While I don't believe in strong nationalism and I have lived overseas. I appreciate the fact that being born here as a man gave me a lottery winning of advantages that I wouldn't have had in the majority of countries on Earth. I do hope that in the near future through advances in education and technology that most of the world can enjoy our standards we do.