This list doesn't take alcohol into account. That would plummet Vietnam pretty bad.
  1. Germany
    Delicious but so heavy.
  2. China
    Especially the street food in Xian.
  3. Spain
    Tapas bars are stimulating on so many levels.
  4. France
    Would be higher if we were taking the wine into consideration.
  5. Hong Kong
    Not only for the Dim Sum, but for the many different ethnic foods of other countries you can get here.
  6. Greece
    The pastries alone would keep this country on this list.
  7. South Korea
    I'm a sucker for cooking at the table.
  8. Thailand
    Hot soup at 1:00 AM while dining on a plastic stool has never tasted so good.
  9. Vietnam
    Hey, there's only six ingredients, but somehow endless possibilities.
  10. Italy
    Northern specifically