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anything I'm very into right now- 1.19.2016
  1. "Casual" on Hulu. Bummed for not watching sooner!
  2. Grimes' "kill v. maim" music video
  3. the fortune cookie I got tonight
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I'll add more, ok?
  1. we call this time - B.C (before Chris) Also- striking resemblance to: 💃🏻
  2. Another B.C highlight- denim skinny vest + pearl knot and some hot topic wrist swagger.
  3. our first work date 👫 (and yeah netaporter put her on their homepage 😉 )
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all the things that make a "hard pass" in/on a potential suitor.
  1. Man jewelry (any kind but especially leather bracelets, island jewelry, or dog tags)
  2. You need to list being a "burner" in your bio. It happens once a year bro, calm down.
  3. ...or crossfit. We get it.
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