all the things that make a "hard pass" in/on a potential suitor.
  1. Man jewelry (any kind but especially leather bracelets, island jewelry, or dog tags)
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  2. You need to list being a "burner" in your bio. It happens once a year bro, calm down.
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  3. ...or crossfit. We get it.
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  4. You chose a public bathroom selfie for one of your profile photos
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  5. Any form of Oakley sunglasses (even those colored lens wayfarer types someone convinced you were cool)
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  6. Selfies wearing fancy clothes...In a dressing room. 🙄
  7. Quirky bow tie photos- why are there so many?! this doesn't make me believe you have your shit together.
  8. Not an instant swipe left- BUT does why does everybody work at Disneyland or is an architect.