I'll add more, ok?
  1. we call this time - B.C (before Chris) Also- striking resemblance to: 💃🏻
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  2. Another B.C highlight- denim skinny vest + pearl knot and some hot topic wrist swagger.
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  3. our first work date 👫 (and yeah netaporter put her on their homepage 😉 )
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  4. some relatable yet sexy color moments in between.
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  5. no caption needed.
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  6. that 70's glam pit stop
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  7. ...being all sleek and chic and shit. With some crystals casually in the ears.
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  8. taking her spot in boss lady territory.
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  9. Idk? Just found this while pic searching and thought everyone should witness that it exists on the Internet.
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  10. Coming out of hiding like this 🔥
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