I'll add more, ok?
  1. we call this time - B.C (before Chris) Also- striking resemblance to: 💃🏻
  2. Another B.C highlight- denim skinny vest + pearl knot and some hot topic wrist swagger.
  3. our first work date 👫 (and yeah netaporter put her on their homepage 😉 )
  4. some relatable yet sexy color moments in between.
  5. no caption needed.
  6. that 70's glam pit stop
  7. ...being all sleek and chic and shit. With some crystals casually in the ears.
  8. taking her spot in boss lady territory.
  9. Idk? Just found this while pic searching and thought everyone should witness that it exists on the Internet.
  10. Coming out of hiding like this 🔥