1. Lily, who I dogsat once, who is perfect in every way.
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  2. Bonus pic of Lily being a very tangley napper.
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  3. This guy who was outside a Starbucks being super chill
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  4. This lil tail wagger at my office
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  5. Lenny, who is small but mighty.
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  6. This is Lill. Presumably got her name because she is li'l.
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  7. This is Murray, pictured here observing someone cheese.
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  8. This perfect profile, seen outside a Potbelly
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  9. This San Franciscan giant.
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  10. This is George, also at my office (the San Francisco one, because SF is a city founded on the belief that dogs should go everywhere with you)
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  11. Fiver, a big sleepy carpet
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  12. This hardworkin' lady
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  13. Look at this hat
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  14. Look at this Halloween costume
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  15. Look at these friends
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