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  1. Late reminder and 'The Boss'
    Reminder I set to pop up before a big day, popped up 8 hours late because of time zones. Also, rare event that I was listening to Bruce Springsteen, because he was playing just down the street from my hotel in Manchester.
  2. Chocolate Rain
    It was a big day for me when Tay Zonday followed me.
  3. Inbox zero?
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Ian was ahead of his time. I started this list to rewrite Minor Threat / Fugazi lyrics for Ian now that he's over 50. But, they actually need no modifications to be relevant to aging punks.
  1. We're just a minor threat
    I was early to finish, I was late to start.
  2. Sitting in the waiting room
  3. Out of step
    I can't keep up. I can't keep up. I can't keep up.
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I have the skillz to make em but not the time or money. Have at em and I get 1%.
  1. Cash'd
    Mobile deposit cash. Snap a picture, everyone gets rich.
  2. Taco-matic
    Configure your own tacos. Delivered by drones.
  3. Van-Gogh
    Free shuttle van service to and from museums.
  1. Know where you're going to put it down before you lift something heavy.
    Advice from a winemaker buddy, but so relevant in so many different situations.
  2. Chris, you're starting to hang around girls. Be careful.
    My dad's sex talk. Good all-purpose advice for young men, Midwest-style.
  3. When you're choosing where to live, stay in the center of the action.
    Life advice from the best teacher I ever had.
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