1. First and foremost, in all honesty she is the sexiest fucking woman i had ever laid eyes on. Still is. She still looks as good today as 20 years ago. I may have married a vampire.
  2. She's honest to a fault. I will repeat that......Shes honest TO A FAULT! This is true and it comes with all the good and bad that is associated with 100% honesty. Like it or not. :)
  3. She's the smartest woman ive ever known.
  4. Best mom in the world. This woman with give her last breath away before she our children go without anything.
  5. She is driven. If she wants something, she gets it. Not because shes some spoiled princess but because she has determination.
  6. Shes wickedly funny. I find something funny in everything, I mean EVERYTHING. She is the only person who comes close.
  7. She has this ability to see right through me. Through all my bullshit and immature behavior. She sees me. Kind of irritating.
  8. That ass. Wow
  9. She takes 8 hrs to get ready. Ok, so maybe this isnt something i "love" about her but if im really egotistical about it, i tell myself shes taking all that time for me. :/
  10. She feels the need to tell me to hurry when i run to the store. I cant remember a time where i have gone somewhere and shes says to take my time.
  11. More to follow......