What better way to kick off my lists than with some cheer?
  1. Fall baking.
    Zucchini bread and ginger cookies: check. Does it contain copious amounts of cinnamon? If so, I will make it.
  2. Walks on the bike path.
    Falling leaves, crisp air, and the smell of burning wood nearby soothe my soul.
  3. Listening to @mindy's new audiobook.
    Knowing that I get to hear more of her stories means looking forward to cleaning veggies or folding laundry.
  4. My new combat boots.
    Perfect for fall and pretty much all I want to wear right now.
  5. Doctor Who.
    My current obsession. Husband and I have been mainlining this on Netflix the past couple months and are nearing the end of series 7 right now. Oh, my heart. I love this show more than is probably normal.