The meat and potatoes from a blog post I wrote post partum:
  1. The Day After
    This one is kind of obvious. Your body just pushed a human being out of a very small place - of course it's going to hurt now that the amazing medications aren't circulating through your body anymore! But beyond the physical, my first day post delivery hurt mentally as well. The realization that there was no longer a tiny little person sharing my body was surprisingly a little heartbreaking.
  2. Breastfeeding
    Again, another obvious one. Those first several feedings hurt like crazy! That tiny little mouth can really put a hurtin' on my poor unsuspecting nips. But for that there is lanolin cream. What there isn't a cream for is when you and your husband make the decision to bottle feed your baby pumped breast milk and you suddenly realize that the bonding time you got from breastfeeding would be gone.
  3. Baby tears
    All babies cry. They cry when they're hungry, they cry when they have a soiled diaper, they cry when they're hot or cold or what-have-you. But what you can't prepare for is when they cry and you have no clue as to why. When you bring home your first precious baby and do your best to soothe whatever it is that's upsetting them, only to look down and see fresh little baby tears. It kills you. I can't tell you how many times I've produced tears to match hers. Baby tears break my heart.
  4. Pregnancy
    For me, pregnancy was a horrible experience plagued by pre-natal depression. I cannot undue those 9 months I carried my baby, nor would I want to. She is worth every painful, beautiful minute.
  5. The day Daddy returns to work
    This was hard. And not because I didn't have the help, but because I knew how much he would miss her and his time with her. But someone has to pay the bills and baby and I are so very lucky to have a man willing to take on the role as provider so that I may stay home with baby.