No one should get a say on anything anyone does! Grown ass adults being told what to do by mentally insane barely hanging on nutjobs. Yeah that sounds right.
  1. Who to marry
    If two hilljacks (with five teeth between the two) can get married in their trailer park and have ten kids then no one needs to say anything.
  2. What a woman can do with her body
    Get a life. Maybe if people had lives they wouldn't be so worried about what others do with theirs. Also maybe they need to get seriously laid.
  3. How people punish their kids
    You want to deal with d*ckhead dylan when he bites you, screams F you and then breaks your sh*t? No? Then get the hell out of here.
  4. Where to go to the bathroom
    If i were trans i would sh*t in parking lots, peoples lawns, court rooms... You name it. You don't get to segregate AGAIN. How is this a thing?
  5. What to believe in
    How it is more crazy to be an atheist, buddhist or muslim than a Christian? (It is not) Crazy people never know they are crazy.