oh, hello random acquantaince / distant family friend:
  1. yes, it has been a long time since we've talked.
  2. yes, i am in college. please don't remind me ever again.
  3. no, i do not know what i'm doing with my life.
  4. yes, i still have crohn's. i always will. not going anywhere.
  5. yes, i did put holes in my ears that are larger than normal. yes, they smell bad. no, i will not take them out.
  6. yes, i do like the metal booger hanging out of my nose.
  7. yes, i am breaking out. thank you for pointing it out.
  8. yes, i did gain weight. thanks again for pointing that out.
  9. no, i do not have a boyfriend. yes, i am lonely. why would you ask that? honestly. leave me alone.