It's that time again
  1. Brooklyn
    Saoirse Ronan has a cute bathing suit and an Irish accent and is caught between two cute dudes. Golden Globe nomination rightfully earned.
  2. Ex Machina
    I watched this while I was in limbo-ing remorse about just purchasing an expensive gym membership. This movie eased all my troubles away because Oscar Isaac can dance.
  3. Dope
    These kids were all me in High School. Also "Don't Get Deleted" is pretty much song from a movie of the year.
  4. The Martian
    I can't laugh at the people who thought this movie was based on real events because for just precisely 2 seconds I thought so as well.
  5. Trainwreck
    Thank you Amy Schumer for bringing Billy Joel back into my life.
  6. Anomalisa
    Truly amazing in each and every way. One of my good friends owns a 3D printer and I'm secretly wanting her to crank out a movie like this.
  7. The Wolfpack
    This documentary was kinda painful to watch but the artistry those boys put into the films was so amazing!
  8. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    The punk rock version of The Fault in Our Stars.
  9. Carol
    Because Todd Haynes directs the kinds of movies I would wear as accessories.
  10. Inside Out
    Delightful film and a great way to teach children about emotions.