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  1. I get a week off
    I work 70 hours in 7 days
  2. I get to spend tons of time with my daughter
    Yes it sucks working 10 hours and come home and hangout with her until my husband gets home at 3
  3. I can get tons of work done!
    Less customers means more quality work time
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  1. 30 minute wait in the waiting room
    I was early so I was okay with that
  2. 15 minute wait in The Chair
  3. Sweating profusely
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  1. Walking dead
  2. Game of thrones
  3. Greys Anatomy
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  1. Cheap cheap cheap
    Luv bug weddings was amazing for photos and everything
  2. Wedding and honeymoon in one!
  3. No drama!
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  1. Being late
    It freaks me out. I'm always 30 minutes early to everything even work.
  2. Needles
  3. Being ran off the road by a semi
    It's never happened to me but I have to pass semis at top speed or be way behind them.
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she likes when I sing for some reason and I'm over pat-a-cake and itsy bitsy spider...so it's whatever comes to mind...
  1. Untouchable face
    I do replace fuck you with forget you
  2. Wrong way
  3. Funky cold Medina
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especially my brother that would fake his death
  1. Dolls
    Before chucky there was dolls and my brother would move my dolls around so I thought they were alive.
  2. Street trash
    I believe that was the name of the movie. They drive tainted alcohol and melt explode or have their genitals fall off.
  3. Nightmare on elm street
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I will do another one of what my older siblings made me watch.
  1. TGIF
  2. Growing pains
  3. Bob Ross
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  1. Scarlett's nap time
  2. Preparing supper
    Salmon Brussels sprouts and cilantro rice
  3. Baby giggles
Maybe not changed my life but definitely holds a special place within me.
  1. Ani Difranco little plastic castle
  2. Duncan Sheik
  3. The Murmurs pristine smut
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