Smart study skills

  1. Create a clean and organized environment
  2. Understand the outline of the course and the material before you start reading and cramming
    scan the table contents, read introductions, view example tests and exams, etc before you start focusing on remembering details.
  3. Make flashcards
    Don't underline text, copy-paste paragraphs or just read the materials. Make flashcards instead, and order them by chapter
  4. Review your notes and flashcards on time and regularly.
    Studying without reviewing is a waste of time, you forget about 70% within 24h!
  5. Stay concentrated
    Eat healthy, have a clean desk, turn your phone to flight mode, take breaks and set goals for optimal concentration
  6. Study together
    Explaining things to classmates, discussing the content and testing each other is a great way to master the materials!