1. Bar Nestor
    Get there at 11, put your name in for the tortilla and then come back at 1 to eat tortilla, tomatoes with olive oil, salt, and bread, and finish that off with a delicious steak. Pair that meal with a caña.
  2. La Cuchera de San Telmo
    Tucked away in a corner this small tapas bar with a very small kitchen makes some of the best pintxos and small dishes I've tasted. You'll be shoulder to shoulder with everyone else, it'll be loud and hectic but the food is worth it.
  3. Bar Zeruko
    This is just across the street from Bar Nestor. Unlike La Cuchera de San Telmo all the pintxos are on display and you order them the traditional way. You grab a plate, choose the ones you want, tell them your ready for them to be prepared, and then they're ready for you. The pintxos are a mixture of old world and new world and they're all delicious.