1. 8/15: Nozawa at Sugarfish, Nigori sake, Powers on the rocks, Jameson and ginger ale
    Lovely date
  2. 8/16: Double burger and chili fries from Troy Burger
    Holy shit, I don't know why I did this. Actually I worked out immediately after this and the very next morning so it wasn't as bad.
  3. 8/17: Quarter slab of ribs (seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, brown sugar) Seafood + veggie kabobs (prepared by Bristol Farms), grilled Brussels sprouts, Kentucky mules with Hirsch Bourbon and Bundaberg ginger beer
    I'm getting better on the grill.
  4. 8/18: No dinner
    Probably ate too much for lunch.
  5. 8/19: Tuna sandwich, chicken fingers from Fat Sal's
    Had to stay late at work. That's the excuse.