Songs, films, writings and more 🌟💌
  1. "Our Deal" music video - Best Coast
    This 10-minute music video features some of Best Coast's rawest sad girl music ever (and that says a lot!!!) PLUS it has Chloë Grace Moretz (ultimate teen queen of 2011)!!!!
  2. My So Called Life (TV)
    I watched the first season in one day last week and I loved it. It was and is teen culture at its cruelest.
  3. Crush Songs (album) - Karen O
    Karen O's Crush Songs is everything you feel when you start to develop ~feelings~ and want the anarchy to stop!!!!
  4. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" - Tears for Fears
    High school is a vicious place, darlings.
  5. Pretty in Pink
    One of my favorite films ever because it is not a normal coming-of-age film. It touches on social pressures and what it's like to be a loser. Also! Blane is a ~dream~
  6. "I Was a Teenage Nihilist" by Pauls Toutonghi for Rookie Mag
    I'm not a nihilist, but this essay is beautiful and real, so raw and true and understands this complex time in life.
  7. "Forgiven/Forgotten" - Angel Olsen
    Teenagers can't make up their mind!!!!! We are just little beans of ~soul~!!!!
  8. Moonrise Kingdom
    Ok I hate the immediate judgement you get from people when you say you like Moonrise Kingdom ("whooooa you're so indie LOLOL!!!") but Wes Anderson is a master storyteller and I'm convinced this film about young love and ~hormones~ is a gift from above.