Yeah blogs are cool but sometimes it feels nice to physically touch your creativity, ya filthy genius!! 🌟
  1. β€’
    Make a CD instead of a playlist!
    Burn a mix for you or a friend and as always, remember to make an album cover!! special note optional :-)
  2. β€’
    Write someone a letter instead of texting them!
    Don't even get me started about letters. I absolutely adore writing and receiving letters and I'm trying to make it a thing in my friend group again. Raw, hand-written notes feel so personal.
  3. β€’
    Print out pictures instead of having them in your phone!
    Instagram feeds are now, genuinely printed photos are forever!!!! What's better than a Facebook wall of photos is a real, accessible wall in your room dedicated to photos of friends, idols, and memories!
  4. β€’
    Write in a diary instead of a blog!
    I find immense comfort in writing my deepest darkest secrets in my diary and can't find that satisfaction in any type of blog post.
  5. β€’
    Make a zine!
    I love how some zines can be so pointless but the fact that they're physically there makes them relevant. Does that make sense?? You can make a bunch of copies and give them to your friends!!
  6. β€’
    Make something real! A pin, patch, etc.
    THIS IS REAL LIFE! Make something something, do something, live for something.