what do I need to setup to run IoT as a service... IoTAAS?
  1. Provision
    Create a provisioning service, workflow? Automation? What details are critical - Mac address - do they vary between generations and releases? - identity - does the object need an account? - guid? CMDB - What's critical - What does the vendor need
  2. Manage
    Security - intrusion detection - patching - vulnerability scanning - is anyone doing this yet? - penetration testing? Power - batteries? (Boo) - how to monitor battery life - POE likely the way to go, but expensive upfront - Green building compliance? - Power failure - what needs to be up vs down - failure restore? Lifecycle - firmware/patching -- release management - MOVES/ADDS/CHANGES - automated? - CMDB based lifecycle management?
  3. New devices
    TRA - can we get a blanket process? (Please please?) - what common features can we get acceptance on - can we isolate the new devices from each other Architecture - what do they need - UML diagrams - what protocols do they commonly use? - Common Framework? Engineering - what do they need - plug and play? - solution docs - really? Rogue devices - how do we stop any old Tom Dick and Harry from plugging shit in?
  4. What don't I know? - Probably everything