Reasons why I hate going to Walmart

  1. Poop in the isle
    Seriously I'm tired of finding this. I'm certain the staff are too
  2. Strange smells...
    Possible related to the first point?
  3. "Fresh" food
    I pretty much treat their fresh food section as "Take home, sterilize somehow, eat immediately, probably get sick because I didn't sterilize it properly and then I die"
  4. Sexual propositions
    Typically older men in the bathroom, hanging around, asking if I want to suck their dick. Because seriously - what's more romantic then a Walmart bathroom - especially when I need to pee?
  5. Strange animal themed fleece blankets
    Did Walmart gradually become a flea market and we just didn't notice?
  6. Watching shoppers just outright sneeze on everything
    And then not buy it
  7. The staff
    You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...