1. Poop in the isle
    Seriously I'm tired of finding this. I'm certain the staff are too
  2. Strange smells...
    Possible related to the first point?
  3. "Fresh" food
    I pretty much treat their fresh food section as "Take home, sterilize somehow, eat immediately, probably get sick because I didn't sterilize it properly and then I die"
  4. Sexual propositions
    Typically older men in the bathroom, hanging around, asking if I want to suck their dick. Because seriously - what's more romantic then a Walmart bathroom - especially when I need to pee?
  5. Strange animal themed fleece blankets
    Did Walmart gradually become a flea market and we just didn't notice?
  6. Watching shoppers just outright sneeze on everything
    And then not buy it
  7. The staff
    You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...