Really, just all Lifetime and Hallmark channel movies. My favorite part of the holidays.
  1. Late twenty-ish women living in big cities, generally New York, with massive, massive apartments and homes that are impeccably decorated.
  2. Protagonists are always running around their Important Jobs (generally PR or advertising) in four inch heels for 12+ hour days
  3. If ladies are not about to become partner in their Big Deal Jobs, where they work 100+ hour weeks, they're a wayward creative type that is floundering for direction. Absolutely no middle ground.
    And yet everyone can still pay the rent/mortgage on previously mentioned large home
  4. Everyone is always in chic, on tend outfits whose components are never seen more than once throughout the whole movie
    Purses, coats, suits... Everything except their quirky trademark personality revealing jewelry
  5. All families live within a short drive of each other
  6. Engagements always, always happen in the last ten minutes of the movie, between a couple that wasn't truly dating to begin with
    I've come so accustomed to this that I'm actually sad when it doesn't happen
  7. And yet I love these movies so, so, so much.
    And have watched many this weekend. And will watch many more before Christmas 🎄