The pressure was mounting with too many serious lists recently.
  1. I landed at 2pm today from a work trip
  2. Since I worked all day Sunday, I had no qualms about not doing work when I landed
  3. So I unpacked - fully!
    This never ever happens. I even hung up clothes from holiday parties before I left that were hanging out on my arm chair.
  4. I went to yoga!
    Hot yoga after flying... Questionable decision. Very dehydrated.
  5. I had dinner with some of my oldest friends - homemade potato soup and fresh bread. And wine!
    And rice krispy treats 🙌🏽
  6. I just got in my bed, which was made for me by my boyfriend!
    When he stayed sleeping when I left for my flight Sunday.
  7. I'm going to keep reading my current book, Smaller and Smaller Circles!
    It's getting juicy.
  8. It feels good to be home.
    And not thinking about email inboxes, expense reports, or having to go into the office tomorrow 🙅🏽