Not an exhaustive list.
  1. Rincon, PR
    My family has a condo here, and I somehow didn't make it last year (skin cancer scare did not help). Hoping to make it, with my boyfriend whose never been to the island
  2. Cape Cod, MA
    My high school girlfriends and I have been talking about this trip for years and it has yet to materialize
  3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
    A good friend's bachelorette is here, but again, I'm a little scared of the sun these days.
  4. Desierto de Atacama, Bolivia
    My family has been tossing this around for a while. Let's make it happen, guys!
  5. Denver, CO
    Great friends and great skiing. I worry work and health stuff will get in the way 👎🏽
  6. New York, NY
    So many good friends here and I never get around to booking a trip. Classic.
  7. Dodge City, KS
    To visit a friend that now lives here. Also to make a lot of jokes about getting out of Dodge.
  8. A new National Park
    Not picky!