I had a follow up surgery to have more skin removed from an area where I had a pre-cancerous mole removed. It has been a stressful, emotional past couple of months as I've had a handful of moles cut out of me (thankfully all non-melanoma!). But today was really great.
  1. First off, Valium
  2. During anesthesia, the nurse and I were bonding over how much we love the new Justin Beiber video
    I admitted I watched it three times in a row on my (very public) commute yesterday
  3. During surgery, the doctor asked if we could watch said video, so the nurse pulled it up so I could watch!
  4. And then we watched the Hotline Bling video!
    My first time, which was very informative as this is my Halloween costume. My resident and nurse were very supportive of said costume.
  5. And then we watched the new Adele video!
    Also my first time.
  6. And then my mom came back into the room, and the nurse and I made her watch the Sorry video
    If you know my mom, this is funnier
  7. Then I impulse purchased the new JK Rowling book which I have been anxiously anticipating
    I guess that makes it less of an impulse purchase
  8. And now my mom and I are going out for lunch.
    And my bestie is making me dinner.
  9. Finally, I'm back in bed watching the Sorry video a few more times
  10. Today turned out to be awesome, mostly in thanks to the amazing, warm, thoughtful, and fun medical team
    It's the little things these days.