Bye, moles. 🐀
  1. So much yoga
    Trying to be as in shape as possible before having limited mobility for at least three weeks. Plus it's huge for my mental well being.
  2. Stocking my house
    The grocery store for so many liquids (Gatorade, La Croix, Diet Coke...) and easy to prepare comfort foods (mac and cheese, Ramen, cereal, a lot of fruit). If I were a better person I would meal prep, but I doubt that will happen. Walgreens for Tylenol, any product I'm marginally running low on, and magazines.
  3. So many errands
    Dropping off dry cleaning. And picking it up. And doing any other small tasks that I won't want to do for the next month.
  4. All of the personal maintenance appointments
    Because who's trying to get a bikini wax with stitches all over their body? Does this gown make my eyebrows look good?
  5. Planning the perfect outfit
    Something that allows me to stay as clothed as possible during the procedure - it's so cold! But also something that won't constrict any of my incisions, and that I am ok wearing for 24 hours until my roommates/boyfriend/best friend/mom/anyone helps me out of them to shower.
  6. Changing my sheets
    As I will be living in bed for a few days, like last time (see proof). And doing so so much laundry.
  7. Curating my night stand
    iPad and charger. So many magazines. All the books. Painkillers.