Childhood food nostalgia

some of the delicious and also questionable foods I grew up on.
  1. Oatmeal Crisp cereal
    referred to always in my family as "avoine croquant" (the name in French) because we were not bilingual but our food packaging was and for some reason that name stuck
  2. Kraft Dinner
    bring on that artificial cheese powder
  3. steamed mussels
    I grew up in a part of Canada where we eat a lot of seafood, and mussels were a favourite. This picture makes them look fancy, but we always just steam them and then eat dipped in butter. So good.
  4. Apple juice from concentrate
    drank so much of this stuff that I'm not sure I could ever consume it again
  5. pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant)
    we were regulars at our local farmer's market which was home to a delicious french bakery. these are also referred to in my family as "painful chocolate" because we love terrible wordplay. I ended up having my first job at that bakery.
  6. Cheez wiz and crackers
    so salty and such a coveted recess snack
  7. Angel food cake
    My childhood birthday cake of choice and still one of my favourite desserts. So good with some whipped cream and strawberries.