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  1. Astronaut
  2. Writer
    I wrote a short story when I was 6 about being an astronaut
  3. Purse Designer
    I was constantly drawing sketches of my mom's Kate Spade bags
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  1. Not dying
  2. Not being there
  3. Arnold Palmers
  1. America loves fireworks
  2. There are many variations of the 'southern accent'
  3. This city exists
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I drove across Texas & stumbled upon some spots worth noting
  1. Marfa Burritos in Marfa, TX
    Walked into someone's kitchen & was handed one of the best burritos I've ever consumed. Simply "asado, beans, and a homemade tortilla"
  2. Frama in Marfa, TX
    GREAT coffee for $1.50. enough said.
  3. Dry Creek Cafe in Austin, TX
    Cheap local & domestic beers, upstairs patio, might be what you would consider a 'tree house'
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