1. America loves fireworks
  2. There are many variations of the 'southern accent'
  3. This city exists
  4. It rains a lot in states that aren't California
  5. There are assholes in every city
  6. There are awesome people in every city
  7. Don't trust people from Baltimore at Moonshine stores
  8. Driving a mini van is great because extra space, good gas mileage, and the cops never question you for speeding
    Special shout out to the 2015 Nissan Quest
  9. Not all Subway locations are created equal
  10. Everything closes at 3pm in rural Texas
  11. Don't wash your hair with body wash
  12. Join the Holiday Inn Express rewards program to be treated like #royalty
  13. Make sure you come prepared with a playlist of all your favorite songs from middle school
  14. Trust no one when it comes to pillows. Bring your own
  15. Also bring your own Original Cheez-Its bc sometimes this happens