All the things I want as an adult.
  1. Curtains for my balcony doors
    They have nothing on them right now - pretty sure my neighbors are tired of seeing me in my underwear.
  2. Washing machine
    The one I have now is possessed by the devil.
  3. An ironing board
    I have an iron but no board.
  4. Crock Pot
    It has to match the one I got for Christmas last year so I can have dueling Crock Pots.
  5. Swiffer refills
    Hardwood floors need to be swiffered at least once a week.
  6. A boyfriend
    I can't seem to find one on my own??
  7. Keurig
    I'm getting tired of making too much coffee and having to waste it.
  8. Large trash can
    I get so much junk mail, it's freaking ridiculous.
  9. IKEA gift cards
    I need more furniture. That's cheap.