Currently thinking....
  1. Drake is on 3 radio stations.
  2. My dog digs through my trash everyday. I wish i could text him to stop.
  3. Im really looking forward to eating hot cheetos when i get home.
  4. There needs to be an app that helps people beat traffic
  5. Is it possible to think of nothing? Or is that a thought already..I swear i drive without thinking 50% of the time.
  6. Drake is still on 3 radios.
  7. I always get stuck in traffic around compton. I always have to pee, and I'm always low on gas when this happens.
  8. One stupid driver always has to drive recklessly and ruin it for the rest of us. But I'm also here texting and driving..
  9. How the heck do u rearrange this list?
  10. O i figured it out.
  11. I should wear my glasses when i drive.
  12. I wonder if i slapped kylie jenner if her face would fall off..
  13. Where's Frank Ocean at?
  14. Im drinking my leftover coffee from the morning..o well