I call it scrapcooking
  1. My first time: peanut butter and Cocoa Puff sandwich
    In college I was out of milk for cereal, so I spread some peanut butter on slice of bread and mashed Cocoa Puffs in it and ate it like a taco. An experimenter was born.
  2. You Must Be Yolking
    Four eggs yolks leftover from a recipe and 2 oz of ready made polenta. Beat the yolks and fry everything together in butter. Hunger cured! Nausea induced!
  3. Waffle Mix Delight
    Put old chocolate chips and frozen raspberries in a bowl and microwave til mushy. Add a bit of almond milk and some waffle mix. Microwave in 30 second intervals until it is a consistency.
  4. No-bake No-eat Oatmeal Cookie
    An oatmeal packet mixed with Greek yogurt, chocolate chips and peanut butter. Roll into balls and vow never to do this again.
  5. Hummus'pposed To Eat This?
    Sautéed kale mixed with hummus while still warm. It is recommended to keep these things separate.
  6. Honey Nut Honey Nuts Cereal
    A spoonful of almonds with some honey from a honey bear squirted on it. Really, really good if you don't say or think the word "squirted."
  7. Veggie Might
    A cooked garden burger crumbled over tortilla chips, with some dollops of hummus. It's nachos for people who haven't paid for their crimes.
  8. PB Spicy Rice
    Heat up leftover rice with peanut butter, sriracha and green onions. Add a fried egg, and you've got something a Thai person would punch you for.
  9. Scramble's Soup
    I did this when I lived abroad: dry tomato soup mix in eggs while you scramble them with oil. Not bad at all, and the chemicals that make up a dry soup mix give you a nice, radioactive glow.
  10. Instant Coffee Yogurt
    Also an overseas invention for times when hot water wasn't available but you need coffee. Best when force-fed.