You're not a monster, you just meant…
  1. Oh you mean Men's Rice Activist
    Look there's plenty to go around if you prepare it according to the directions.
  2. Oh you're saying Make America Grape Again
    It's a really under appreciated flavor, but it's rarely done right.
  3. I don't like the Literal Media either
    I for one would appreciate up to date information given through metaphors
  4. Good point, I don't know why there's not a Wife History Month
    Seems like an oversight
  5. Corporations are purple
    I like this idea and it lends itself to 'make America grape again'.
  6. The Confederate flag is Southern hairytits
    This one is weird but I'll go with it. As in a thing we should generally not display? Yeah I agree
  7. Build a wall to keep out the the all-eagle immigrants
    I'm not sure they are migratory, but it's good to consider