1. Got my stolen bike back by asking nicely.
    My bike had been stolen off of the screened porch. Weeks later, I saw a guy riding it and followed him in my car. I parked ahead of him and called to him when he passed. I smiled at him and told him he had my bike and he said I could have it back and jogged away. I'm 5'1"… not intimidating, but he looked scared for some reason.
  2. Made a pun to a large audience.
    I used to host a pub trivia game. The question was: over which ocean did Amelia Earheart's plane go down? When I read the answer I said, "those of you who said 'Atlantic' should have been a little more Pacific." Yeah, I did that.
  3. Kept a plant alive for a year.
    It'll be a year at Christmas. My Dad gives me a plant every year and they always die. The Christmas 2014 plant has made it.
  4. Predicted that wide leg pants would come back in style
    Glad I hung on to those.
  5. Haven't slept in my makeup since Saturday.