Come onnnn little red circle!
  1. Serial. Obviously.
    I know this is episodic and the first one was a huge undertaking and something of an experiment. But please!! Anything!
  2. Mystery Show
    Starlee Kine, you are hilarious and I love you and want you to be my best friend and actually we have an IRL friend in common so I won't get too fangirly. Also… please update!
  3. Invisibilia
    I was into it! Super into it! Why did it stop?
  4. The Bugle
    I can imagine that with John Oliver's schedule, he wouldn't have time for his scrappy little podcast with Andy Zaltzman anymore. But I miss it.
  5. The List Podcast
    @celeste and @kellydehoop were really funny on the first one. Looking forward to the next.
  6. Welcome to Night Vale
    I know this one updates regularly… just not often enough for my liking. The writing is so good that it's ok though.