For a dream job in my field, taking place tomorrow.
  1. Did I accidentally lie in my resume?
    I do have that degree, right? I remember going to school. Or do I??
  2. Maybe it's not a good job. Do I want to be in a club that wants me as a member?
    I am not a Marx brother or Woody Allen; I am not that cool. Sometimes people get good jobs.
  3. Never gonna happen. Don't get your hopes up.
    I need a vigorous mirror pep talk. And to read all the interview tips I pinned. Or at least make sure the links work.
  4. I probably should leave two hours early
    What if there is a huge snowstorm in central North Carolina tomorrow morning and I'm stuck in traffic and have to pee in jars?
  5. Should I keep applying to other jobs?
    Wtf of course I should. It's just a first date, I'm still on the market.
  6. This eye twitch better stop by then
    I'll try to not drink 20oz of coffee before 10am. That's today's shenanigans of the unemployed.
  7. I'm gonna blow this.
    It's ok, this will be good interview experience
  8. I got this
    I'm at least minimally qualified. Besides the stakes aren't that high, Christmas tree lots will be hiring soon.