You'll be fine
  1. When there's one piece of some sort of food left.
    Take courage, dear heart. And take the damn cookie.
  2. When someone has to start the buffet line.
    What's the deal with this?
  3. When you're being given plenty of room to merge onto the highway.
    Just fuckin go. (Edit: this might be more of a thing in the South)
  4. When a guy seems interested.
    For anyone attracted to men: invite him to a thing you're already doing. Be the first to use the not-clear-if-it's-a-date tactic. Works a charm.
  5. When are wondering if you should throw an extra dollar in a tip.
    It's just a dollar, but you will make someone's day if it bumps the tip over 20%.
  6. When someone says something racist/ sexist/ homophobic and they think they are in good company.
    Mostly it's not necessary to mount an eloquent defense. Just a simple expression of dissent can throw someone's world into a tailspin.
  7. Setting a date when an old friend/new friend wants to hang out.
    I'm bad about this. But it's never once turned out badly when I do it.