1. Pluotes
    Not many people I've met know about these guys and I'm 89% it was a GMO experiment gone bad, but they're absolutely delicious. As Wikipedia explains, "Pluots, apriums, apriplums, or plumcots, are some of the hybrids between different Prunus species that are also called interspecific (or IS) plums."
  2. Pizza bagels
    God bless the person who had leftover breakfast at dinner time and not enough ingredients and/or energy to make pizza dough
  3. Prius
    This and the Cronut making hybrids much more socially acceptable and mainstream
  4. The Scrubs "my musical" episode from season 6
    No better combination of TV and music
  5. Brinner
    Unlike pizza bagels, Brinner suggests breakfast foods FOR dinner. Some nights that may be a bowl of cereal or to continue with the hybrid theme, one may suggest the infamous breakfast burrito.