1. You shouldn't send emojis to people who don't have iPhones. They'll feel left out or get confused.
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  2. Cook things from scratch (and abbreviate when possible)
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  3. But be careful not to lick the bowl too much
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  4. Think outside the box when decorating cookies
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  5. Sauce doesn't come from cans
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  6. Show someone you support them by cheering them on
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  7. Always look your best at the airport
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  8. Be cautious of cumin if you're allergic to nuts
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  9. Be wary of complements
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  10. Look into ride sharing apps if public transportation is taking too long
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  11. Be compassionate towards animals
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  12. Women and farming are important
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  13. If you're running an errand, offer to pick up snacks
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  14. Taking selfies with the dinner table is an excellent way to get guests excited
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