They say what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger 🚫🌰
  1. Shaws Supermarket, MA: 🍪
    My first allergic reaction and the reason my mom refuses to shop and this grocery store . I was about three (probably?) eagerly awaiting the free cookie at the bakery department. My mom checked, "No nuts?" "Nope". I was in the clear! Little did we know there were massive walnuts sticking out of the free sample. Next thing I know my mom is zooming to the medicine isle and ripping apart a box of the Benadryl. I still remember thinking we were going to get in trouble for not paying first.
  2. Statue of Liberty, NYC: 🍞
    I was in third grade and up too late at a dinner party for my mom's work. Young, hungry, and unaware people put nuts on breadsticks. 4th of July fireworks were brought in with a scramble to find Benadryl once again.
  3. My House, MA: 🍤
    New Year's Eve party, someone brought crab puffs. (Grossest name for a food ever and why on earth would there be nuts in them?!) Brought in the New Years drugged out on the couch.
  4. Aunt Annie's House, CT: 🍝
    The lasagna was delicious. I even had seconds. Unfortunately, in the process of shoveling baked pasta into my mouth, I ceased to notice my throat was closing up. The pesto was the secret ingredient.
  5. Ally across Trader Joes, Boston: 🌿
    Who puts fucking cashews in kale chips?
  6. Mountains, Ecuador: 🐴
    Best places to find out your wicked allergic to horses is on one.
  7. My House, MA: 🌽
    Hazelnuts don't really make sense in cheddar popcorn, right? That's what I thought too.