Potential follow up list: why was I type casted as a grandma/ elderly aunt in every show ever?
  1. Mara in The Pajama Game
    I had a line about potato salad. Freshman year spring musical.
  2. Protean in A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum
    Sophomore year musical. Only three girls in the entire show weren't cast as whores. I also got to sword fight with a massive roman pillar. Weird show. Sondheim is aggressive for high school.
  3. Nurse in Romeo and Juliet
    CONSTANTLY made up/ forgot my lines. Sometimes it was in iambic pentameter. Sometimes, most of the time, it wasn't. Nobody listened or knew what was going on anyway. Senior year Drama Festival play.
  4. Ms. Linde in A Doll's House
    I had a "big" stage kiss with one of my best friends at time. It was awful and awkward. Junior year spring play.
  5. Meg in Damn Yankees
    Had to sing so many high As...sometimes I hit them. Also remember stepping on my dance partners feet almost every night. Poor guy. He's actually making it pretty big at Ithaca right now and when he wins a tony I'll get to say I stepped on his feet when I was 17.
  6. Tree, Ozian, Winkie, and basically everyone else in the wizard of oz but dorthy.
    I think this was sophomore year? Not with my high school but met some cool people and got to keep a green wig.
  7. Aunt Rosemond in Les Liaisons Dangereue
    Was nahtt supposed to be in this show. Actual actress had to get emergency tonsil removal surgery (😑) and I got roped in real fast. Was head of costumes and hand to run around mending 18th century hoop dresses while wearing one. Madness. But junior year drama fest and ended up winning costume and hair awards 💇
  8. This show was called Titus. A science teacher that was retiring wrote it and it was hands down the weirdest theatre experience for everyone involved.
  9. Oh the memories 🙈