1. A receptionist singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" along with the radio
  2. A massive flat screen TV playing HGTV summer reruns
  3. Did I mention the entire office is super hero themed?
  4. There are 26 comic books (still in bags) lining the wall
  5. Two teddy bears
    One dressed up as batman One dressed up as superman
  6. One vintage autographed Captain America shield
  7. A sign that reads "Always be yourself unless you can be batman then you should always be batman"
  8. One big red M (for marvel I'm assuming?)
  9. Ten leather waiting room chairs
    They look like the kind that would be found in a super villains home office
  10. People magazines dating back to 2010
  11. A silhouette of the batman logo and spider man web in opposite sides of the room
  12. A glass case of cremes
    Designer toothpaste maybe? Moisturizer for your teeth?