Some points have proven more successful than others
  1. Backyard Baseball
    This computer game was all the rage in the early 2000s. It fits nicely into the conversation by saying, "Well the only video game I'm actually good at other than Mario Kart is..." Huge points for nostalgia and name dropping some of the most loved video games of all time.
  2. IPA craft beer
    Do I know anything on this topic? Nope. Should I stop pretending I do? Probably.
  3. The World Cup
    Or really FIFA in general. Thanks John Oliver for giving me plenty of talking points on the corruption, I like to think it makes me sound well rounded and sporty. Effortless transition into the Olympics from here and the debate on if Boston would be a good host or not. Also a key time to bring up obscure Olympic sports, such as synchronized swimming, and how they don't get the air time really deserved.
  4. The spotify student discount membership
    Just need that .edu email address
  5. Throwing shot put and discuss on the track and field team
    I leave out the fact it was in 7th grade. I do include how I hurled a discuss straight into the coaches face by mistake once. He flinches every time he sees me now. Watch out boys.