Prom was 5/6 years ago and my dresses haven't moved from the back of the closet since.
  1. Prom
  2. I went to two high school proms back in the day and have been the owner of these weird poofy dresses ever since.
  3. Do I wish I bought two classy cocktail dressers I'd get lots of ware out of looking back? Yup. I do.
  4. But nope. Didn't do that.
    Hind sight is always 20/20 eh?
  5. So I started to look into where I could donate them.
    After doing some research online I'm pretty stoked with rhe organization I found 😊
  6. So now this gem
    Check out dem pockets
  7. And this one
    Anyone spot list app celeb @ian ?
  8. Can have a few more hours on the dance floor 💃
  9. Anton's cleaner holds a prom dress drive for part of their "Belle of the Ball" nonprofit!
  10. Hundreds of dresses get donated and high schoolers who may not be able to afford one can get one for free!
    Social workers, teachers, coaches, etc recommend students and then they have a personal shopper on the day to find the perfect dress! How cool is that?
  11. Makeup companies, salons, and other prom people help sponsor and support the day creating an awesome vibe!
    We're talking freebies, pics, and gts galore!
  12. Here's more info on the organization:
  13. Donations for this year start Feb 8!
  14. I've been offering to pick up dresses and make drops off for my friends and everyone has been pumped about it!
  15. Have you donated your prom dress? What organization did you donate it too? Live in Boston/north shore Mass and want to donate? Drop it off at Anton's cleaners or Jordan furniture! 🙌