Places I've been that I wouldn't want to go back to

Sorry, I have plans that night.
  1. Yellowstone National Park
    3500 square miles of bubbling pools of volcanic sulfur. Smells awful, super dangerous, buffalo everywhere. Hated it.
  2. McAllen, TX
    Right on the border but more famous for their mall. Grandparents used to live there, so all my memories are of driving for an hour to eat dinner at 4pm.
  3. My middle school
    I don't think anyone wants to return to the site of countless pre-teen humiliations
  4. Charleroi, Belgium
    Most obnoxious airport in the world. Looking at you, RyanAir
  5. The salon where I accidentally got gel nails that one time
    $40 for the only manicure I've ever gotten. Terrible decision.
  6. The county morgue
    I went here once on a field trip and narrowly avoided seeing an autopsy take place. Bags with bodies in them all over the place. Terrifying
  7. My landlord's office
    I always get roped into some conversation about sports.
  8. The middle seat on an international flight
    For children and sleeping significant others only.
  9. The local 24-hour diner
    The brownie sundaes are good, but not good enough to make me forget that someone was stabbed there a couple years ago.
  10. Disney World
    Fun as a kid, but now it just bums me out about consumerism & American culture