Things I don't like about living in the Middle East

  1. Water is limited 🏜
  2. Bugs everywhere
  3. Being a woman
    Street harassment, staring, and constant fear of harm or abduction or worse is awful to live with all day every day.
  4. Proximity to war and violence
    I only live a few hours away from the Syrian border. Less than an hour from Palestine.
  5. Taxis
    Expensive, and one of the only ways to get around. I also take the bus, but it often doesn't get close to where I need to go. Also see being a woman.
  6. Heat 🏜
  7. Absolutely no good wifi anywhere, period
  8. The traffic
  9. No Netflix
    Or Spotify, or SNL, etc.
  10. Trash
    Everywhere. And it stinks.
  11. Arabic is hard
  12. Far from my family & friends & home & culture