Inspired by @TEDRadioHour
  1. Fall in love with someone so deeply that they create art/poetry about me (re: Mary Oliver "Our World")
  2. Start my own substance abuse facility
    With the goal of not getting people sober but helping them create a life of meaning
  3. Travel to every continent and stay out of tourist locations
  4. Have apartments all over the world and have a job that allows me the time to travel freely amongst them
  5. Move back to Russia and enjoy at least a year living as a creative expat
  6. Make changes upon the world so I feel worthy enough to write a memoir
  7. Become confident enough in myself that I don't overthink every vague comment and sell myself short
  8. Never let fear get in the way of what I want
  9. Be able to tell everyone I love just how much they truly mean to me